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Contemporary Middle Eastern Women’s Writing



The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Language)
St. George
Rivanne Sandler

This course focuses on Iranian women’s writing as memoir and testimony. The time frame is the 19th-21st centuries. Poetry and the short story are highlighted as quintessential female forms of expression. Sources are primarily in Persian.

2005-2006 Description

The focus of this course is the examination and analysis of the language used by Iranian female writers and poets to describe their environment and their inner world of feelings and perceptions.

The discussion will take into account changing cultural contexts in different decades of the 20th-21st centuries and in particular, to what extent the context affects women’s writing (as well as whether women are writing).

Materials for the course are in Persian and in English. Students may deal with the language they feel comfortable with, although they should make some use of sources in both languages for class discussion and for the final paper.