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Literature by Iranians in the Diaspora



The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Literature)
St. George

This course begins with the Iranian engage literature of the 60s and 70s and follows the writers of this era to exile in various parts of the globe after the 1979 revolution. It goes on to examines the writings of a generation born or brought up outside of Iran, to examine how these writings deal with the conflicts and paradoxes of displacement.

The writers covered in the course range from writers born in Iran to a new generation of poets, writers, and journalists among which women figure prominently. The initiative for the course is the instructor’s article (2003): “Words of Attachment: Literary Antecedents of Expatriate Iranian Women” which explores the evident connection between the language and perceptions of generation of women writers in exile in North America and a well-known poet of Iran who was their contemporary.

The course takes the form of seminar discussions. Materials are in Persian and English. Interested students are asked to contact the Instructor by e-mail prior to registering for the course.