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Persian Literature: Ethical, Erotic, and Mystical



The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Literature)
St. George
Maria E. Subtelny

The companion course to NML467H1 (Persian Literature: The Epic Tradition). Selected representative readings from the ethical works of Sa‘di (Bustan and Gulistan); the mystical parable Mantiq al-tayr of ‘Attar and the Masnavi-i ma‘navi of Rumi; and the ghazals, or mystico-erotic lyrical poems, of Rumi and Hafiz. Emphasis is on close reading and analysis of the linguistic and literary content and style of these works, and discussion of their historical, cultural, and religious backgrounds. All readings are in the original Persian. During the course, students will acquire essential skills related to the technical requirements of classical Persian poetry, such as prosody, rhyme, and poetic devices, as well as an understanding of the key concepts and terminology of Persian Sufism.