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Darwish, Linda

Francis Xavier University, Department of Religious Studies


Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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(902) 867-4982

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Linda received her MA in Religious Studies from McGill University. Her MA thesis compared Ali Shariati’s revolutionary interpretation of Abraham with that of Christian liberation theology in Latin America. She received her PhD in Religious Studies from Concordia University. Her dissertation looked at the construction of Shi‘ite Muslim identity in the West through a discourse analysis of fatawa providing practical Shari‘a-based guidance to Shi‘ite Muslims in the West. She joined the faculty of St. Francis Xavier University in 2010, where she is currently an Associate Professor in the department of Religious Studies. Her research interests focus on the intersection of religion and migration. She is currently engaged in a book project in collaboration with Dr. Lynda Clarke (Concordia University) which analyzes the intersection of religion and forced migration in interview narratives of Muslims and Christians from select Muslim-majority countries.