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Taleghani, Azita H.

Associate Professor

Department of Language Studies

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(905) 569-4575

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Azita H. Taleghani is an Associate Professor in Persian language, literature, and linguistics at the University of Toronto. Her research has primarily focused on linguistic approaches in modern Persian literature, especially stylistic aspects in poems of Persian women poets, Persian syntax and morphology, second-language learners and heritage speaker’s pedagogy, as well as web-based and online language teaching. She has also worked in lexicography and dictionary editing. She has published a monograph titled Modality, Aspect and Negation in Persian, and she is currently working on a manuscript on the grammar of Persian simple verbs for second-language learners. The two other projects that she has recently started concentrate on language and style in the poems of contemporary Iranian women poets as well as social deconstruction in the poems of ancient and medieval Iranian women poets. She has published several refereed articles, most recently “Archaism as an Aesthetic Technique and Linguistics Process,” “Negative Forms of Persian Progressive Tense: Evidence from Monolingual, Second Language Learners and Heritage Speakers,” “Foregrounding and Its Role in Persian Modern Poetry,” “Persian Progressive Tense: Serial Verb Construction or Aspectual Complex Predicate,” and “Persian Linguistics in the 20th Century.”