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Javadi, Sahar

The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

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Sahar Javadi is a Work Study Student with the Cinema Iranica project. Sahar is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto studying ethics, society, and law and criminology and socio-legal studies. She is an aspiring lawyer and hopes to continue her research in the field of criminology. She looks forward to nurturing her research skills on the complex intersection of imprisonment and the criteria of deterrence, recidivism, and rehabilitation. Sahar is also interested in prison violence and more particularly, gendered violence against women and children in prisons. In addition to academic pursuits, Sahar is a freelance translator who is currently translating a legal dictionary. Sahar has made it her personal mission to translate as many academic sources in her field as possible and make them accessible to students in her home country of Iran. She finds peace grappling with words and their meanings and hopes to leave a practical legacy for her country in this way.