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Nikouei, Majid

, University of Toronto

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Majid Nikouei’s research and interests lie at the intersection of law, history, and culture in the context of Iran. He is particularly interested in how different social and cultural traditions of Iranians over the course of history have shaped the setting within which the text of the Iranian Constitution is animated.

Majid is currently an SJD candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law and holds a PhD in Public Law from Iran’s Shahid Beheshti University, where he wrote his dissertation on Shīʿite natural law and Iranian public law theory. Prior to making Canada his new home, Majid was an adjunct professor at the Islamic Azad University and was admitted to the Iranian Central Bar. Majid has published several articles in English and Persian in journals including the Nordic Journal of International Law, the International Human Rights Law Review, and the Chinese Journal of International Law.

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