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Rastegar Jooybari, Fatemeh

The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

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Fatemeh Rastegar Jooybari is a Work Study Student contributing to the Cinema Iranica project and related Institute websites. Fatemeh has a considerable background in biomedical engineering, medical imaging, and programming. Her master’s thesis, “Online Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Images with Radial Acquisition through Polar Fourier Transform,” utilized her extensive programming skills in medical imaging devices. She is an expert in several programming languages (e.g., C++, C#, Python, and Shell Scripts) and has used her knowledge in her field of medical imaging, both during the course of her studies and later as part of her work experience designing engineering user interfaces and websites. She has authored many publications, including papers in both English and Persian, and is the co-author of a Persian book.