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Riyazi, Duman

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Duman Riyazi is the Susan Salek Postdoctoral Fellow with the Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Institute of Iranian Studies. His research interests include artefacts and manuscript documents of the commedia dell’arte, the theatrical relationship between East and West, the history of Persian theatre and Persian comedy. He has written numerous articles on la commedia dell’arte and the modernization of Persian theatre. His publications also include translations of several plays by Carlo Goldoni and commedia dell’arte plays by Siro Ferrone. Since 2012, he has initiated numerous conferences and workshops on the inspiration Western theatre has derived from Middle Eastern theatrical forms, especially those of Persian theatre. It is worth mentioning that during his studies in Italy (2013-2020), he collaborated with Professor Siro Ferrone, one of the world’s leading academic experts in the field of the commedia dell’ arte. This collaboration was very valuable for his development in the area of facilitating dialogue among communities. During this time he was frequently invited to give intercultural workshops at various universities. Most of these workshops focused on the artistic relations between Iran and the West from 1501 to 1930.

University of Toronto