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Gulamadov, Shaftolu

University of Toronto
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Dr. Shaftolu Gulamadov completed his BA in Linguistics from Khorog University, Tajikistan, in 2000. Tajikistan. He studied at the Institute of Ismaili Studies from 2004 to 2006. Upon completion of the GPISH program, he went on to pursue an MPhil in Classical and Medieval Islamic History at Oxford University, UK. After completing the program in 2008, Dr. Gulamadov came to Canada to do a PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Toronto. His dissertation, which has been recognized by the Foundation for Iranian Studies for its contribution to the field of Iranian Studies in 2018, explores the hagiographical literature of Central Asian Ismaili Muslims about the renowned eleventh century Persian writer, traveler and poet, Nasir-i Khusraw. Dr. Gulamadov studied Russian, Persian, and Arabic languages in Tajikistan, Russia, England, Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia. He has translated numerous articles into Russian, Tajik, and Persian languages. He is formally trained in pedagogy by both the British Council and at the University of Toronto. He has served as the Head Teacher at the Graduate Program in Islamic Studies and Humanities’ Khorog Academic English Program in Tajikistan.

University of Toronto


Dr. Gulamadov manages and coordinates a team of researchers, graphic designers and media developers, who collaboratively design and develop a set of flexible and reusable OER modules that explore fundamental topics on Islamic studies. The modules will support development of three online courses: Introduction to Islam and Muslim Civilizations (introductory level), Shi’i Islam (intermediate level), and Researching Islam (advanced level). The materials developed as a modular collection and activities will be used as resources by colleges and universities across Ontario. The project, which is supported by eCampus Ontario and the University of Toronto, will contribute to a greater understanding of Islam’s pluralistic heritage.