Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia: Functions of the Zoroastrian Fire Temple

/ University of Toronto Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Institute of Iranian Studies


Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia


November 10, 2023

Join host, Yasamin Jameh, in learning about the role of the fire temple in the Zoroastrian religion. 
The 50th episode of Parse is an excerpt of a lecture given by Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia where he argues how the veneration of fire in the Zoroastrian fire temples is definitely not a direct worship of fire. Zoroastrians worship god in fire temples through the medium of fire. Hence it is wrong when some people regard Zoroastrians as fire-worshippers. Karanjia argues that he fire temple building is consecrated and made sacred trhough a special process. This lecture provides a valuable explanation of the structure and composition of a fire temple, and its various purposes. 
Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia is Principal of the Dadar Athornan Institutem in Mumbai, India. He was also trained as a full-fledged Zoroastrian priest at this Institute. He has obtained his masters and doctorate in Avesta-Pahlavi from Bombay University. He was a postdoctoral research scholar at the universities of Uppsala (Sweden), Heidelberg (Germany) and Zürich (Switzerland). He has written more than fifteen books and regularly conducts courses and seminars on the Zoroastrian religion, spirituality, Iranian languages and history.  He is a regular columnist with the Jam-e Jamshed weekly and also contributes to other papers and magazines. His website www.ramiyarkaranjia.com offers information about Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history, languages and spirituality for all age groups. 
To watch the full talk, click here: ⁠https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ghcV0eJBVM&t=1689s⁠