Thabit AJ Abdullah: The Looting and Repatriation of Iraq’s Archives (Part 1)

/ University of Toronto Elahé Omidyar Mir-Djalali Institute of Iranian Studies


Thabit AJ Abdullah


February 6, 2023

Join host, Yasamin Jameh, in learning about the important role of Iraq’s National Archives in helping Iraqis to rebuild and heal from their tumultuous recent history.
The 33rd episode of Parse is an excerpt from a lecture given by Thabit AJ Abdullah on the struggle to save the Iraq Archives from destruction in the many wars and conflicts that Iraq has experienced in the past decades. Abdullah’s speech is the first part of a more extensive seminar organized by the Iranian Studies Institute at U of T titled “The Looting and Repatriation of Iraq’s Archives: A Conversation Saad Eskander and Sara Farhan”. Dr. Abdullah is a history professor at York University in Toronto, Canada. His teaching and research focus on modern and medieval Iraq, the Indian Ocean and the Ottoman Empire. His recent publications include A Short History of Iraq: From 636 to the Present (2003) and Merchants, Mamluks and Murder: The Political Economy of Commerce in Eighteenth Century Basra (2001). In addition to English and Arabic, his books have been translated into Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Professor Abdullah is also a commentator on several television and radio programs in Iraq, Canada and the United States. 
To watch the full talk, click here: ⁠The Looting and Repatriation of Iraq’s Archives – 2 June 2023⁠