Exploring Contemporary Iranian Art Practices


Arma Yari, Nina Rastgar, Azadeh Pirazimian, Termeh Ghazi, Behnaz Fatemi


March 1, 2024

This event has been designed to cultivate a collaborative and inspiring environment, providing students with the opportunity to share and discuss their art projects. It is being organized with the belief that students’ participation will not only enrich the event but also contribute significantly to our collective academic and artistic journeys. The discussions aim to offer perspectives that resonate with participants’ experiences as graduate students of art.


Arma Yari, “Persian Mysticism and the Aesthetics of Control”

Nina Rastgar, “The Shared World”

Azadeh Pirazimian, “Exploring Mark-Making as a Coping Mechanism”

Termeh Ghazi, “Knitting Memories”

Behnaz Fatemi, “Resistance and Solidarity in the Diaspora”